Bishop John Wynn

Born and reared in Reno, Nevada, Dr. John Wynn is a successful entrepreneur who is the only son of 9 siblings born to the Late Rev. Willie J. Wynn and Rochelle Wynn. He and his wife Edith married in 1991 and began their journey in business and ministry. They have 8 talented children; 4 boys and 4 girls who all work in ministry, education and business alongside their parents.

Dr. Wynn is a Consultant who has over 20 years of experience in education; working with teachers, students, parents and community stakeholders to help students graduate. He has been a Pastor for over 23 years and the Presiding Bishop of International Church Fellowship since its conception in 2009. Dr. Wynn has experience in managing businesses and bringing together diverse community groups to solve complex problems. He is passionate about inspiring people to understanding the greatness within and achieving their dreams.​


In 2017, Dr. Wynn launched a 24 hour inspirational television network called The Wynn Network that can be streamed from any smart phone, tablet or computer device. He is the host of his own radio and television shows that air on Praise 100.9, Sacramento Faith T.V., My Streaming Video and The Wynn Network. He has written films and developed concepts for shows that also air on The Wynn Network and continues to allow his creativity flow in media.


As an accomplished author, producer, writer and musician, he has produced three inspirational music CD’s and written two noteworthy books that are sold on all major retail platforms. He continues to speak across the world, effectively transcending racial and cultural barriers. His appearances on international television and national radio for nearly two decades are unparalleled.