Bishop Stanley Lawson

Bishop Stanley Lawson, an East Texas native, is the fifth of eight children, of the late Mrs. Erma Maxine Lawson, and  Elder John L. Lawson, Sr.  He was raised   in the  fear and admonition of the Lord, and through the lives and teachings of his parents, was exposed to the ways and nature of God at an early age.

Aptly nicknamed the “PREACHING MACHINE” by his brothers and colleagues in the faith, Bishop Lawson has continued the Lawson family legacy of preaching and evangelizing the Word of God, with uncommon compassion and concern for those who have yet to experience the freeing power of our Savior.

Bishop Lawson has served in all aspects of the ministry as drummer-musician, teacher, deacon, and finally an elder, under the direction of Arch Bishop John L. Lawson Jr., pastor of Miracle Tabernacle Praise Cathedral.

In 1995, Bishop Lawson answered God’s clarion call to launch out into the deep, and began his service as founding pastor, and leader of the Unity Tabernacle House of Faith.  Under the leadership of Pastor Lawson, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit Unity Tabernacle has flourished and birthed many sons and daughters in the faith, who under the Pastor’s tutelage have further proclaimed the fame, honor, and Glory of God.

Pastor Lawson has served 28 plus years as husband, confidant, and provider, to his wife. Elect Lady Cathy Lawson.  To their union God has added two sons: Pastor Nicholas Lawson and Minister Vondrick Lawson, two daughter-in-laws and seven grandchildren.

Truly, Bishop Lawson has proven himself to be an un-compromising man of faith, fashioned after God’s own heart, dedicated to healing the broken, and intent on continuing his good work for the Lord according to II Cornithians 4:5 “For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.”